domingo, 23 de marzo de 2008

Bill Waterson

"I’ve loved comic strips as long as I can remember. As a kid, I knew I wanted to be either a cartoonist or an astronaut. The latter was never much of a possibility, as I don’t even like riding in elevators. I kept my options open until seventh grade, but when I stopped understanding math and science, my choice was made. There is great personal satisfaction in attending to detail and quality, and I remain very proud of the standards the strip met day after day. I also liked the responsibility of knowing that, succeed or fail, it was all my own doing. This approach kept the strip very honest and personal--verything having to do with Calvin and Hobbes expressed my own ideas, my own values, my own way. I wrote every word, drew every line, and painted every color. It’s a rare gift to find such fulfilling work and I tried to show my appreciation by giving the strip everything I had to offer". Bill Waterson, autor de Calvin y Hobbes, en The complete Calvin and Hobbes, de 2005, donde durante 17 páginas explica el cómo y porqué de Calvin. Hasta donde yo sé es el escrito más detallado de Waterson que, como explica hoy Enric González (perdón por la reiteración pero no podía dejarlo correr), siempre rehuyó los focos. La trilogía cuesta 97 dólares en Amazon y aunque la introducción es fantástica se hace incómodo de leer (tapa dura y 491 páginas por tomo). Y sí. el tipo se parece al padre de Calvin.

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