viernes, 31 de agosto de 2007

"That’s not corruption, that’s democracy"

Entrevista sobre España con Giles Tremlett, corresponsal de The Guardian en España.

"I think we are living through a further period of change after the massive changes of the transition. [That period] was an exception; the idea of there being consensus on so many things was exceptional. Now we are finding a more natural Spain – a Spain full of differences. We are now back to reality". (...)
"When I devoted a chapter to corruption I was worried that people would say: ‘you’re exaggerating’ because at that time there had been no Operation Malaya and the whole Marbella corruption scandal had not been exposed, nor had the chain reaction begun". (...)
Now inevitably, he explains, the large urbanización that he opposed is going to get the go-ahead to be built. “That’s not corruption, that’s democracy; that’s the choice that people have made. But I actually think the Spanish environment will be saved by an economic downturn eventually” (...)
"The more shocking thing is the number of people whose idea of success is to become a funcionario"...
Maticemos: No tiene razón por el hecho de ser un corresponsal extranjero. Tiene razón porque rezuma sensatez. Claro: si algo puede salvar el medio ambiente es el estallido de la burbuja inmobiliaria.

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